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About The Adventure

"Moksa, to be enlightened & liberated"

The definition, where the story begins. What the world knows as Indian Cuisine outside of India, mostly false representation. There only to amuse and profit. Food is more than just sustenance, it is an experience that introduces us to knowledge and more importantly: the people and their culture.

"Zed, the white indian chef from Canada"

With punjabi heritage so it's legit. An orphan, raised by the local punjabi families of Vancouver, Canada. Grown up with an indian tongue. Trained in Culinary Arts, Food Science & Business Management. With decades of food related experience all over Canada, France, Germany & India.

"The Pantry, where anything and everything exists"

Opening the door reveals a museum of common but also forgotten ingredients, sourced from all over the world. From importing organic spices from Mumbai to getting goat meat from a small german village farm some hours away. Everything raw and unfiltered with no compromise on quality.

"The Recipes, the scientific equation of insanity"

Welcome to a course in Food Archaeology. With topics like History & Theory, Deconstruction & Reconstruction. All in the effort to understand the innovation of the past and to grow from it. With the kitchen turning into a mad scientist's laboratory, Recipes don't stay the same here very long.

"The Result, for some nostalgia, for others fear"

Coming in the form of Change, something different from what is known or something that what was forgotten. Not everyone can understand this or will want to. This is not Authentic, this is not Traditional, this is Moksa.

Tandoor Oven

My Inhouse Menus..

Cocktail Bar

What People Say..

Garden Terrace


5mins from U1/U8 Kottbusser Tor

2mins from U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof

2mins from M29 Heinrichplatz

5mins from #140 Mariannenplatz

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